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Empower Network Sign up - How to Sign Up, Gmail, and Refund Policy


Empower Network Sign Up Page

Are you interested in signing up with Empower Network but can't find the sign up page without having to watch the full video. Here it is:

Current Empower Network Affiliates Link

For those that are new to Empower Network or have misplaced your sign up page, please watch the following video, use the summary and specific time stamp to locate. Make sure to use your user name so that you will recieve credit.

Summary of Video

Summary-Short Cuts if you are in a rush :) I value your time and appreciate you taking the time to watch, these are available on Youtube and will take you directly to the location if selected on the Youtube Site.

[0:12] Work with Jen Hawkins Link to Empower Network Sign Up Page
[0:33] Get Your Blog Beast Empower Network Sign Up Link
[0:47] Empower Network Sign Up Page
[0:55] Viral Blogging System and Benefits
[1:12] Price of Viral Blogging System
[1:25] User Name - Enter your name for personal branding
[1:44] Email address - Preferably Gmail
[2:20] Agreement to price and monthly charge
[2:33] Brief Explanation of E-Wallet and commissions
[2:59] Brief Explanation of Empower Network Refund Policy
[3:16] Actions Steps/Quick Summary of steps

Email Preference - Gmail

Gmail is the email preferred in Empower Network because it does not automatically place emails into junk or spam. Please create a Gmail account if you do not have one already. This will ensure that you will recieve emails from your sponser, Dave and Dave, and commission earning emails.


Empower Network Refund Policy

It's important to understand Empower Network's refund policy. You have 3 days to decide if you do not see the full benefit of Empower Network. As long as you are within the 3 days you can contact customer service and they will refund you.


Thanks for reading. I hope that I have provided you with some value and if you are currently with Empower, provided you with something you were not aware of and can share with others.

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Blobfish = Not Happy

Don't be a Blobfish

Blobfish = Not Happy


I ran across this picture the other day of this blobfish and it really caught my eye. The article stated that this fish actually won the ugliest animal vote at the British Science Festival this year ( 2013). When I look at this blobfish picture, it reminds me of some people I have actually met when I worked in the banking industry.
You know the ones I’m referring to, those that don’t smile very often and just seem like they are never happy. Anyway, the point is the fish is making a sad face. You almost feel sorry for it and want to throw it back in the ocean, which I really hope they do and did not harm the fish or dissect it or anything.

In this industry or just anything you do try your best to smile and smile often. Even make others smile if you can. I once read that when you laugh it adds 2 years to your life. When I heard this I started making my whole team laugh more and more.

As a manager/leader it’s so important to try to keep the morale comfortable for your team so that everyone can be as productive as possible. The happier your team is the more they will enjoy their job and do a great job at it. 

Smile Often, Just Say No to the Blobfish

So the morale of the blog is don’t be a blobfish, and when you feel like you are starting to look like this or see yourself and it reminds you of this picture, smile and remember that life is short so be happy as often as you can.
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